Starting out
your career in yachting

Are you about to start your career?

Are you about to start your career in the yachting? Yachting is an eye opening, ultimately fun industry that demands hard work, perfection and attention to detail. Here are some tips for starting out.


It is essential to get a job on board a luxury yacht to get your basic qualifications first, which basically are the follows:

Personal safety and social responsabilities

Basic firefighting

Proficiency in Security Awareness

Personal survival techniques

Elementary first aid

ENG1 (Medical visit)


Your CV is the first impression that the Captain/Owner has of you, make sure it’s a good one. The most valuable advice we can give you is to keep it brief, about two pages if possible, as the amount of time that a captain has to look at a CV is minimal. Write your experience in chronological order from most recent employment to oldest (Include position held, boat names and sizes, and a short summary of your duties on board). Any qualification or courses should be clearly stated, include past education but only the highest level completed. Keep it costantly updated.


Once the season is around the corner should be better for new crew looking to join the industry to move to the main yachitng hubs, as Antibes and Palma for example. Your yacht job search will definitely be more successful with a move to a hiring port. Make sure you go and explore the city, in every yachting hubs you will find english speaking bars and cafes filled with yachties, make sure to present yourself professionally.


Social media are not only a way to keep you updated and to be in connection with other seafarers, use them wisely. Some images or posts may reduce your chances of employment, be smart. Once employed be sure to avoid any posts about your yachts, current location and inappropriate images.


Follow the yachting industries news, visit websites and use the social media to join in some yachties groups, learn and get informations from other crew members


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